Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's my birthday!

Well, it's hard to believe, but I'm 24 today. I feel old in some respects, but young in others. I guess what makes me feel old is how I'm constantly around college students and I realize how that's not me anymore. I've matured a whole lot since then! But then I think about life and experiences and how there is so much ahead, and that makes me feel young and small. But I'm really excited about this year! I believe there is a great future ahead and I can't wait to grasp what it is. I feel like God has some new things for me this year and I want to face it with an open heart and mind. (Also, Dad says that 24 was his favorite year, so we shall see!)

I was also thinking this morning about why we celebrate birthdays. Well, with my family birthdays were always important. We wanted to make the person feel special and let them know that they are loved. God opened my eyes to see that obviously Mom and Dad want to celebrate each of their children because they are so thankful that we were born and added fullness to their lives. In the same way, God wants to celebrate each of us - even more so than our friends and family! He above all is the most thankful to have us in this world because He created us and decided that He wanted us here. That makes it obvious that he has a reason for all of us being here. He wanted me here to fulfill something that He didn't create for anyone else to fulfill. That's why He designed me exactly the way I am. And the same goes for each of you. That's why He longs for each of us to give all our devotion and love to Him. It makes Him sad if we don't give ourselves to Him because He knows the fullness that our lives could have - He knows what we were created to be and do and think and feel because He created us that way. I know this is a simple truth, but it fills my heart with joy today.

Thank you all for your love for me! I am glad to be alive!


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