Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Looking to the Future

So it's been a long week. Not that anything crazy has happened at work, it's just that the days are dragging by. It's hard to enjoy the little, mundane things of life when you have so many dreams and ideas for the future. I have no clue where God wants me after this job, but sometimes I sit and think of all the fun, adventurous things I could do. I want to travel, sing, reach out to people in any way I can. I want to get up and think, "I love what I'm doing right now." Maybe I just need to be more content. I am thankful for a roof over my head, for friends and family who love me, and for some sort of an income (although, as small as it may be). I am more than thankful for the men and women who defend our country so that I CAN have what I have! (Man, that puts everything into perspective!) And for a reason to live each day - Jesus (duh)! But when you're in a place where you've been stretched in more ways than one and taken out of your comfort zone, it's hard to "enjoy" it per se. I am thankful that God has proven true and faithful, and that He has built my faith on a firm foundation. I have gained so much strength through this time. Yet I can't help but long for what is next. It is hard to be patient. But I will keep pressing on... and holding on to the hope that I have in Him.

A realization of grace: How much longer does God wait on me to come running to Him during the times I chose to ignore Him? I am even more thankful for His grace in this matter!!


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