Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where I got the name...

This song I wrote for those of you who are wholeheartedly seeking God... Sometimes people don't understand why or what's really going on, and they try to tell you how to live, but your heart is steadfast on God's love - the only real love that will carry you through. My hope is that you will put your life out there and take the chance to find that love. Allow yourself to be wild and crazy in love with God. That is where true beauty is found.

"Crazy Beautiful"
By Carey Kornegay

Jaded and misunderstood
Put her life out there
Like he said she should
World pulled apart and turned around
No one sees what she sees
But she stands her ground

Crazy beautiful tonight
They don't think she's got it right
But she holds out her hand
It's her first dance
She knew her soul was made
For this kind of romance
Nothing else could take away
Her chance to be
Crazy beautiful


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