Wednesday, February 09, 2005


I want to share with you something I wrote several months back. Most of you who read my blog, know (or knew at one time) what it was like to grow up with brothers and sister and cousins, and enjoyed playing "make-believe." This is a little story inspired by those precious memories and a heart that still longs for those days. I think it creates a picture of something we should all be reminded of and hold close to our hearts.

“Fairytales: An Otherworldly Adventure”
By Carey Kornegay
Dedicated to my sisters with love

It’s one of those nights where I wish I were in a fairytale. Or something that’s surreal. Not unreal, but definitely not normal for today’s standards. I want to be swept away, caught up in something so alive and crazy-beautiful that I lose all sense of what once was. My body longs for it. My soul was made for it.

I am lacking. I look through the looking glass and see it far from reach. I pick up a book—Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, or The Secret Garden—and I remember the delight I had in them as a child. I could create those stories on my own. I was there. It was real. I wanted to be the princess that the glass slipper fit on. I wanted to be the sleeping beauty awakened by a kiss. I wanted to fly away to Never Land and live in the childhood paradise. Then I could. But now?

Life as the world knows it weighs heavily on people. “Fairytales are for kids.” Oh, to be a child again! “But you must grow up, get a job, and be in the real world.” The “real world.” What is that anyways? It is a world we have created and called real. We are so disillusioned by the world we created that it is what seems real now. We have put away our toys, books, and childhood fantasies, therefore putting away our souls. We snuff out any thought that seems close to dreams, desires, adventure, or fairytales because they do not fit in with what the world asks for now. Degree, career, marriage, a house, a car, a dog, a kid—this is how your life should look. If not, then you don’t have it all together. Something must be wrong in there. You need to do it this way, try this idea, anything to put you “back on the right track.”

As these things are being ingrained in me, my heart is asking, “Where do I fit in with all this?” And I find no place for it. My soul, too, is drifting, farther and farther away from the things that my mind and body have mechanically been doing for years. I search for a home for them through other things offered to me. I call friends or family, but still my heart is not satisfied and my soul is lonely. Then one night in a bookstore I pick up a childhood classic and start flipping through the pages. Suddenly, I remember the way my heart and soul were caught up in each adventure as a little girl. And I long for that again, to be a part of a fairytale, stepping into its pages and becoming the lead character. I remember looking for the secret garden that I was sure was hidden in my back yard. I remember making red sparkling shoes that I believed were Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I remember dressing up as the Disney’s fox “Maid Marian” for Halloween and delighting over the fact that everyone knew it was she without even asking. It was surreal; not unreal, but definitely not normal. It was beautiful. My heart and soul were alive.

What I did not know was that these stories did not create the fairytale found within them. They were sparked by something created within the hearts of the authors, even if they themselves did not know it. That creation within the authors is a longing for an otherworldly adventure: a fairytale. It is the same creation in all hearts alike. Yet their way of expressing this desire is to write it in a story fashion. They get so caught up in their stories that they are living them themselves; therefore, finding, in a sense, what their hearts have longed for. It speaks to all of us—especially as children because they have not been disillusioned by the “real world”—because what has been created in us cannot be “uncreated.” As much as we try to put it away with our childhood fantasies, it is still there.

These stories are not bad. Yet they are only an image, a picture of the real adventure our hearts were made for. The thing the world does not understand is that we were made to fly to Never Land. We were made to have the glass slipper fit us. We were made to wake up to a kiss. That is why these stories speak to us. Our hearts find the home that was lost within the “real world” in these stories.

So where is this ability to fly, a glass slipper to even try on, and the key to the secret garden? If those things are what are real, then why can’t we find them?

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

The greatest adventure is found by being swept away with God. When you seek him he will give you what your heart desires. He made you with those desires to be caught up in something surreal because he knew that only he had that key. Only he could take you on the adventure your heart was made for. What we think is real is only holding us back. He is our greatest love. He holds out the glass slipper, just for us, knowing that what he has for us will fit perfectly. Just don’t let the stepmother keep you locked away for too long. He is our happy thought that makes us fly to Never Land (and Jesus is the fairy dust). He is the prince that wakes us up from a deep slumber with a kiss, he just had to fight the dragon and cut through the vines to get to us. He is the key to the most beautiful secret garden we could ever imagine. He is the home our hearts were looking for all throughout Oz. And there is no place like it.

All I have is that tiny spark, stirred by a book of fairytales. All I know is that I long to be caught up in an adventure apart from the world I know. What I hadn’t realized before is that God had been calling me through those stories, through the make-believe I used to play with my sisters. He is saying, “Yes, yes it’s those things, and so much more. Will you let me take you there?”

So, will you?


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