Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I am thankful

I feel like a lot has been going on lately. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I do want to mention some people who I am so thankful for! First of all, I want to welcome my cousin Richard back home from being in Iraq! I thank God that he made it home safetly. Pray for his wife, that she will return home safetly too. I also want to thank God for the friends I have in Charleston. (You know who you are :) ) It's been a long road to finding a place to fit in here. It's hard to start over completely after college in a new city - state, even! But I have seen God's faithfulness to me over the years, and He has never stopped taking care of me. He has given me great friends here, who are a source of love and comfort to me! I am thankful!

One of my dear friends here sent me the lyrics to a Bebo Norman song, which really spoke to my heart and encouraged me. It's called "Borrow Mine." I want to share the lyrics with you:

Take my hand
And walk with me awhile
Because it seems your smile
Has left you
And don't give in
When you fall apart
And your broken heart
Has failed you
I'll set a light up
On a hilltop
To show you my love
For this world to see

You can borrow mine
When your hope is gone
You can borrow mine
When you can't go on
Cause the world will not defeat you
When we're side by side
When your faith is hard to find
You can borrow mine
You can borrow mine

God, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for being my Truest, most faithful Friend through all these years. Thank you for old friendships, for nothing will replace them. Thank you for new friendships, for nothing is more refreshing. And thank you the most for my family. They are the people you chose to be in the center of my life. Thank you.


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