Friday, February 18, 2005

Something new

I decided to change things up a bit with my blog. The green was nice, but it wasn't exactly me. Sometimes I feel like I get in this rut of being who I think everyone wants me to be. And how does that apply to my blog?? Well... I just want to make sure I'm expressing myself in my writing (just as much as in life) as exactly who I am. I grew up with a lot of insecurities, always worried about what people thought of me. Then in college I started to realize those insecurities. Now it's time to start living differently - more alive and to my full potential, no matter what the circumstances are. Kinda goes along with my song "Thrive" (see Jan. 23rd entry). I made a list in my journal of things I'd do if I didn't worry so much about what people thought. I think I should start working on some of them...

So here you are with something new from me. Hope you like what I have to offer. If not, it's okay. I'm just being me.


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