Friday, March 04, 2005

Drum roll, please...

Yes, folks, it is I, Charlestongal, back from a long and busy couple of weeks. I know it's been a while, but I am back, refreshed and ready to go. From business at work and fighting getting sick, to finding out some wonderful news, I have had a lot on my plate (of course, it should not excuse my neglect).

I guess you are wondering what my wonderful news is... Well, let me back up and tell you a little about what has been going on first. Before Christmas I wrote down in my journal the three things that I wanted to do the most in my life. They were: singing, traveling, and ministering to people. I remember talking to my mom one day about it and she was like, "Well, why don't you join the Continental Singers?" It was something I had thought about in the past (before I graduated from college), but never pursued. So, at that point I decided to look into it. I looked at their website and realized that they fit the three things I wanted to do the most exactly. That's when I really started praying about it - first just praying that God will show me my next step in life, and then I started praying that if it meant traveling with the Continentals that He would make that clear. I prayed til February and then felt like I was supposed to apply. It didn't matter at that point if I made it or not, I just knew my first step of faith was to apply. Well, after a long, drawn-out process of applying, getting references, working on an audition and singing over the phone, I found out on Tuesday that I got in!

I can't describe to you my excitement! It's been a hard couple of years of learning and growing, but God has been so faithful and has not stopped showing His love to me. I guess I'm proof that if you trust in Him, He will surely bless you (which seems to be my lifelong lesson)! Sometimes it still hard to believe that I actually am leaving and pursuing my dreams! But it's true... I'm going to tour Scotland and England in the fall. It's only short term missions (with support we have to raise), but I'm confident that God will show me the next step after that, whether it be signing on for another tour, moving back to Charleston, or who knows what! Thank you all for your encouragement and prayers to help bring me to where I am now. I'm so excited to see what God has for me as I move forward in this new season.


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