Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Thoughts on Love...

You know what? The only freaking thing that matters in this whole world is God’s Love. You might think that sounds cliché, but it’s because you don’t really know. I’m not trying to say I know and you don’t because I don’t really know. I have barely even tasted it. But if only people would get out of being stuck in their own butts and really open their eyes. People act certain ways just because they want to be “cool” or fit this mold. Even the people who are so against fitting a mold are so consumed with appearance anyways. I know because I’m so there. I want so bad to be the opposite of cliché that I’m trying to be this person, who in my mind is so different and “cool” and great because I’m “not like everyone else.” All I’m consumed with is appearance and being liked anyhow. None of this stuff is going to last. None of it matters even if it did last.

I wish I could actually talk about God’s Love. It’s just something that you can’t talk about. Ever. If there were words that actually summed it up, just hearing them from a distance would kill you. That is why people think God’s Love is cliché because no one can ever describe it in the words that come close to being appropriate. Everyone uses the same old words over and over. It almost lessens its effect.

To start to understand Love, you must open your eyes to it. The amazing thing about it is that you actually can experience it. Isn’t it crazy that God wants you to experience this thing that is too incredible and wild to explain?

Listen. I practically want to beg you to accept this Love. I wish I could explain it if that would mean you would give it a shot. I guess what I should say is that you ought to take a risk this once. I promise you can risk everything for this Love because it risked everything for you. Let me tell you what it does for me…

I love it when I feel God’s Love so close to my skin. It’s a beautiful thing. Sometimes I don’t understand it because I know how I can be. It doesn’t seem right for it to be so… endless. It seems like when I mess up it would take me a step farther away from His Love. So when He says nothing can separate me from it, I am dumbfounded. It’s too hard to comprehend. The meaning of unconditional gets a little blurry when it enters my head. My heart asks – longs – for its meaning. But my spirit says to accept despite understanding. Because if I wait to understand, I’ll miss out on the greatest adventure life has known.

What is it that is so adventurous about God’s Love? Oh, when you accept it you’ll know. It will catch you up in a whirlwind beyond your greatest dreams and imaginations. It is wild and free, capturing you away from the wears and tears of this world. It is strong enough to open your heart, and soft enough to mend it. It is crazy enough to believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.

How can all this be? Let me tell you again – I cannot explain. You have to find it for yourself. What do you have to lose? Okay, maybe a little sanity, but that’s a good thing. It means you’ve finally shaken this crappy perception called “worldly view” out of your vision. That’s what’s been keeping you from seeing what’s real anyways.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Open your heart…


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