Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wrightsville Beach, NC


This past weekend I went to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina and met up with some college friends. It was a lot of fun. Here we are at The Oceanic, a nice restaurant on the pier. While we all paid the full (and expensive) price for our meals, Sarah Moore only paid $1.75! It must be her charm...

The lovely, blue-green Atlantic! It was so calm and peaceful, it almost looked like glass.

Looks may be deceiving... Although beautiful and inviting, the ocean was definitely not warm! Here are the psychopaths that jumped into the subzero waters!

Crazy girls! (From left to right: Rachel, me, Bobbi, and Holly trying to make Laura, who was sick of pictures, smile!)

Burke, Michael, JohnCox, and Ugene

Bathing Beauties!

Reminiscing the favorite "Cup Game!"

Carey and Holly - "We can't take a bad picture!"

Trying to control the poor kite... It never worked!

Rach and Me :)

And there you have it! Our beach trip was a huge sucess! Until next year, watch out for those seagulls....


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