Thursday, April 21, 2005

As minutes drag by...

I am thankful for days like these. Really. In the midst of chaos and confusion at the end of a college semester, I cherish when a quiet day slips up on me. Of course when it is quiet, my mind starts to wander and think of the days when I will soon be seeing the ethnic beauty of Scotland and England. And then I feel as if each minute could not go by any faster. I look at my watch every five minutes and it is still three hours before work is over for the day! And this is just a day! I have six months to go before I leave the country on my tour.

And then there are days when I don't even have five minutes to write a thank you note for a supporter or mail out a letter about my sponsorship. I'm going here and there and everywhere with work, signing people up for rooms, getting RA stuff ready for next year, and of course fighting the boss battles. ;) I get in bed after midnight and just lay there with my thoughts running around all over the place. I wonder if I'll ever get anything done before I leave.

I guess being busy will come and go, but what I really wish is that I could be a little more content in where I am. I want to savor the time I have left in Charleston, because I don't know if I'll be back or not. I don't want to go through each day daydreaming about my future instead of focusing on what's at hand. I could miss out on what God has for me yet to learn before I leave.

More than anything, I pray for an open mind and a open heart. I pray for eyes to see truth in my chaos. I pray for endurance as these minutes drag by...


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