Saturday, April 02, 2005

Cooper River Bridge Run

Hey to all you peeps out there! I am at my cousin's house in MT P and we just finished the bridge "run" this morning. It was a lot of fun! Every year Charleston holds a run over the Cooper River Bridge. Thousands of people all over the world show up to either run or walk over the bridge. This is the 28th year they've done it - and the last year it will be done over this bridge, since the new one is almost done. So... last night after the CSU formal (I'll try to have pics of that later), I came to my family's house and stayed the night since there would be no way to get into MT P in the early morning. So we all got up this morning and got ready to go. Unfortunately it was raining when we left, but it cleared up as we started. My cousin John and my uncle ran, while all of us ladies opted for the walk. Although the sun came out, it was quite windy and a little chilly. But a lot of fun. When we finally made it over and into Charleston (after about two hours), we were famished. Thankfully, there were stands everywhere with fruit and water! Now we're all back and resting (*sigh*). My other aunt and uncle are here from out of town (I haven't seen them in forever) and we're all spending the afternoon together. Anyways... The bridge run was a really neat experience and I'm so glad I did it!

P.S. Watch Carolina play tonight in the final four!!!


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