Wednesday, April 27, 2005

God brought me flowers!

So as many of you know, it's been sooo crazy at work for me. I get home every night and just collapse. I feel numb and find myself asking God to please show me glimpses of his love throughout the day because I need it to go on like this. Well, I want to tell you a story...

My day consists of constantly working on floor charts, moving girls into this room, changing that suite out to a different one, shifting a whole floor of girls to a different building. And the paper work... piles and piles... Every change I make has to be put down on forms and put into the computer. I have to keep track of the total of how many are signed up every single day. And believe me, it changes constantly. Well, I have girls coming to me 24/7, freaking out about wanting this room with this girl, or wanting an empty suite. At this point, you could probably guess that there's hardly any way I can grant everyone's request. Especially when people come by, or call, or stop me every time I walk across campus to sign up for their beloved room. Even when I'm eating dinner in the so-called safetly of my apartment students call me asking me about it. It's really getting hysterical when I go to church just to get off campus and escape (and worship God of course), and someone from CSU is THERE, and they get my attention and ask about signing up for a room!!!!

Okay, that's not even the story yet. My story starts when these four freshmen girls stopped by a couple of weeks ago and asked if they could get a suite together for next semester. You know the routine... Obviously there are no empty suites laying around. I tell them that it probably wouldn't happen, but that I would put their names on a list and do the very best I could do to work it out. These girls are so sweet. They said over and over that they know I'm doing so much and that it's okay, but if it was at all possible they would like that very much. Well, they stopped by last week just to check and see if anything changed. I told them the situation was the same, but that I would still try. Well, yesterday I realized a room opened up and if I moved this girl here, and that girl there, and called these people to see if they wanted to move here, then maybe it'd work out. So I worked on it all afternoon and this morning. Finally it all fell into place. I called the girls and told them the good news. They were very happy. Little did I know how happy... A couple of hours later, all four of them showed up with a bouquet of flowers and a bag of candy! They said they wanted me to know how much it meant to them for me to help them! I almost cried! The first thing that came to my mind was, "God loves me and sees me. He wants me to know that my hard work is not in vain."

So, if you have never believed that God can literally send you flowers, now you should! And even when it seems like nothing you ever do is noticed or cared about, God notices and cares so much! What an answer to prayer and the highlight of my week! All the yuckiness isn't so bad to face after all...


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